Video Workstation Is Compact And Rugged

Mat Dirjish, Executive Editor, Sensors Online

Originally Published in the October issue of SENSORS ONLINE

Tailored for live video-based sensor system transmission over terrestrial, RF, and satellite networks, General Micro Systems’ GMS S1202-HS Golden-Eye IV ruggedized, small form factor workstation system provides both advanced video coding (AVC/H.264) and high efficiency video encoding (HEVC/H.265).

The unit is said to transmit video more efficiently while retaining high image quality and maximizing the opportunity for extracting all-important video metadata. The combination of the user’s software and the GMS S1202-HS platform enables users operating in demanding physical environments to deliver compressed full motion video and sensor data over constrained networks, and to retain the high resolution captured by the camera. Designed for low size, weight, and power (SWaP) environments and equipped with the proper software algorithms, it will compress, trans-code, transmit and store live, video and sensor data over IP-based terrestrial or satellite networks with up to 2:1 HEVC compression (compared with AVC) while reducing resolution degradation.

Priced under $10,000 in base configuration, GMS’ S1202-HS is an ultra-rugged, low profile, lightweight workstation/server/graphics processor that weighs just five pounds and measures 6.5 inches x 5.4 inches x 2 inches. With the latest Intel E3 Xeon processor, multi-head graphics output, multiple HD-SDI inputs and 1/10 Gb Ethernet network ports and one removable drive, it is designed to provide the highest level of workstation performance possible in a fully ruggedized, conduction-cooled, sealed system that operates from -40°C to +85°C.

This architecture is suitable for applications such as video compression, which offers high-definition video processing, storage and high-speed I/O in a small enclosure with high performance at low cost per watt. The S1202-HS ruggedized small form factor product accepts data from common ISR sensors using the SMPTE HD-SDI video broadcast standards. The Intel Xeon processor’s built-in CODECs also handle video conversions between MPEG-2, AVC and HEVC formats. For deeper insights, peruse the S1202-HS product page and, for wider illumination, checkout the S1202-HS datasheet.

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October 8, 2018


Mathew Dirjish
Executive Editor

Sensors Online

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