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GMS Breaks Server Barriers with S2U on Performance, Ruggedness, SWaP and Cost

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AUSA, WASHINGTON, DC, October 2, 2016 – General Micro Systems, Inc. (GMS) today unveiled powerful new features that significantly boost the S2U “King Cobra” rugged server’s capabilities on the battlefield while lowering price.

The enhanced S2U server includes dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v4 family CPUs, 48TB of ultra-fast storage, integrated Cisco® industrial-strength Embedded Services Router, 20 ports of managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with POE+, up to 1024GB (1TB) of system DDR4 RAM, and an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that powers the system and provides backup power for up to 15 minutes for graceful shut-down or suspend-to disk. 

All of this is engineered into a dense, modular, 2U short-rack (17-inch deep) configuration that packs more functionality in a field-ready size than anything else on the market, at a fraction of the cost of competing systems. Unlike typical embedded servers, which must be replaced in their entirety in the field, the S2U is the industry’s only rugged server that is 100 percent subsystem line replacement unit (LRU) capable, allowing any function of the system to be replaced in the field within seconds, for ultimate flexibility and minimal downtime.

“When it comes to servers, bigger is definitely not better. Even Dell, with all of its resources and talent, can’t build anything close to what S2U delivers,” said GMS CEO Benjamin Sharfi. “Michael Dell would love to have a server equipped with all the features General Micro Systems has packed into the King Cobra. And we deliver all of these resources at a significantly lower price point for the commercial and military markets.”

The new S2U features dual server processors with Intel’s latest 14-core Xeon® E5-2658v4 (Broadwell-EP) and ultra-fast DDR4 RAM. Taking advantage of GMS’ state-of-the-art, patent-pending packaging and patented RuggedCoolSM cooling design, these high-performance processors can run at their full rated speed without the need for throttling to maintain reliability. With up to 1024GB of total system DDR4 RAM with error-correction code (ECC), the S2U can run 56 virtual machines with access via the four 10/40 Gigabit and 24 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Highest-Performance for Demanding Applications 
For defense, avionics, data centers, and mobile applications that demand multiple, high-performance networks but can’t afford the space and weight of traditional COTS equipment, the S2U is a one-of-a-kind server and router/switch, mass storage, and APU all in a single rugged box. Designed from the ground-up for harsh environments and space-constrained use, the S2U is ideal for applications such as Tactical Operations Centers (TOC), tent-based forward command centers, UAV/UAS control centers, and in-vehicle SIPR/NIPR (red/black) or battlefield networks.

“The S2U King Cobra is a breakthrough in server technology,” said Sharfi. “For the first time in the server market, the S2U integrates the reliability and upgradability of blade servers such as ATCA as used in large data centers, with the cost effectiveness and COTS utilization of rack-mount PC servers. No server ever has put all the functionality required such as router, managed switch, APU, mass storage, PCIe, and OpenVPX expansion sites in one 2U, 17-inch deep rack-mount or freestanding system.”

Designed To Survive, Engineered To Serve

  • No foreign-sourced, commercial motherboards, switches, or power supplies used. The S2U uses the battlefield-proven OpenVPX standard for the CPU board, COM (Ethernet/router) board, and N+1 hot-swappable 600W power supplies.
  • Most versatile system with more I/O than any other server or workstation. CPU board supports an XMC module, three ExpressMini modules, 12 drive bays or 24 ExpressMini/M.2 modules, and three 3U OpenVPX modules; four full-length PCIe modules can be added for additional functionality.
  • Customizable, hot-swappable, front-panel drive bays. Supports 12 front-panel drive bays with SAS/SATA and new ultra-fast and reliable PCIe (NVMe) drives, including hot-swap and RAID-control (if desired) by either a RAID controller in the PCIe cage or via the CPU board using Intel’s enterprise-class RSTe.

S2U Demos at AUSA Booth #7549
GMS will be demonstrating the new S2U features  in Booth #7549 at the upcoming Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Conference October 3-5, 2016 in Washington, D.C.

Base price for S2U with dual CPU, 128GB RAM, and 500W power supply is under $10,000.

View the long or short form S2U datasheet

High-resolution product photos available here

Watch the 2016 S2U promo video here.

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