Rugged, Sealed, Conduction-Cooled U.2 Size I/O Module with Dual SFP+ Sockets, Ethernet MAC, and PCIe Gen 3


- Converts NVMe drive sites (SFF-8639 compliant) into I/O ports
- Provides “I/O-to-Ethernet-packet” conversion to system PCIe bus
- Removable U.2-size form factor with NVMe/x4 PCIe Gen 3 interface
- Dual industry-standard SFP+ sockets and native Ethernet controller
- Back-end speeds are up to 32 Gbps total (x4 PCIe Gen 3 at 8 GT/s)
- Panel latch secures module into rack mount and small form factor systems
- Conduction-cooled module runs cooler than many solid state drives
- Optional 2x QSFP+ sockets allows 1/10/40Gb Ethernet (copper/fiber)
- Allows add-in SFP+ equipped I/O requiring Ethernet (1/10/40GBase-X):
    - Analog-to-digital
    - 3G/HD-SDI PHY
    - Ethernet (copper or fiber) 1/10/40 Gigabit
    - Fibre Channel
    - InfiniBand

The U.2-SFP+ “Morpheus” is a rugged, small, lightweight, removable U.2 I/O module that fits into any standard 2.5-inch NVMe disk site using the drive’s native x4 PCIe Gen 3 connection. Twin SFP+ sockets accept standard networking (copper and fiber) PHYs, SMPTE 3G/HD-SDI, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, analog and other add-in inserts equipped with an Ethernet back end. The U.2-SFP+ is designed to provide the fastest I/O available into PCIe-based systems in a fully ruggedized, conduction-cooled and sealed module, operating from -20° C to +75° C. This self-contained and compact plug-in module simplifies deployable MIL-SPEC technology by making available several key functions in a small form factor chassis: 10 Gb Ethernet—either copper or fiber media; SMPTE 3G/SD-HDI video-to-packet; analog-to-digital IP; and more.

NVMe solid state drives (SSDs) use the industry standard SFF-8639 connector and provide x4 PCIe Gen 3 speeds (up to 32 Gbps, total). This high-speed serial interface is an ideal way to add additional I/O into space-constrained systems such as small form factor (SFF) chassis or rack mount equipment.

The U.2-SFP+ “Morpheus” is a high-performance I/O and data-to-packet converter module for any system that requires I/O expansion without redesigning the system architecture. This module provides a removable I/O expansion site with dual SFP+ sockets and accommodates any industry-standard Ethernet, SMPTE or analog SFP+ module intended for use with Layer 1 Ethernet protocols. The small form factor U.2-SFP+ module can be installed into virtually any system that supports 16 mm NVMe SSDs with a x4 PCIe Gen 3 standard SFF-8639 connector. By definition, NVMe and “U.2” drives use x4 PCIe Gen 3—making Morpheus a desirable way to add I/O.

Applications include video conversion, video-to-packet (such as SMPTE-2022 raw video over IP), remote sensor connectivity, 10 Gb Ethernet, 40 Gb Ethernet, surveillance, sensor-to-shooter, counter/interdiction, and C4ISR. Explicit support is provided for Ebrionix SMPTE-2022 “SFP Based IP Gateway” modules, including all 10 Gigabit IP host compatible “senders”, “receivers”, “encapsulators and de-encapsulators” (both SDI and HD Video are included).

An optional variant of the U.2-SFP+ is equipped with one or two QSFP+ sockets, allowing 40GBase-X inputs. The on-board Ethernet controller can bridge both networks or control access to the host system via PCI Express. Note that two simultaneous 40 Gb Ethernet LANs will be constrained by the native x4 PCIe Gen 3 U.2 NVMe interface.

U.2-SFP+ can also be used in both conduction- and air-cooled systems as well as industrial and commercial platforms. The U.2-SFP+ is fully compliant to MIL-STD-810G, MIL-S-901D, DO-160D, MIL-STD-461E and has ingress protection up to IP64.

- Dual SFP+ sockets, industry-standard mechanical
- SFP+ modules supported: 10GBase-SR/LR, ER, ZR, LX4, others
- Dual-input 10/40GBase-X Ethernet controller interface to SFP+
- NVMe drive interface, SFF-8639 industry-standard
- x4 PCIe Gen 3 at 8 GT/s per x1 (>32 Gbps total b/w)
- Explicit support for Embrionix SMPTE-2022 “SFP Based IP Gateway” modules
    - Two SFP+ sockets support up to four HD-SDI video streams
- Optional variant with one or two QSFP+ sockets (host bandwidth limited)
- I2C interface for power, temperature monitor
- Bulkhead connector power input 12V, 5V, 3.3V DC

SWaP-E: Industry’s only U.2 module for SFP+ and QSFP+ I/O expansion into existing NVMe-equipped systems
Size: 2.6” x 0.5” x 4.0”
Weight: 0.9 lbs. (estimated, including two SFP+ modules)
Power: As low as 10 W
MIL-STD: MIL-STD-810G, MIL-S-901D, MIL-STD-461E compliant
Temperature: Operates up to extended temp -20° C to +75° C (Optional)
Ruggedness: Available in ruggedization levels R1-R3


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