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Once the heat is transferred to the system enclosure’s conduction cooling interface, it has to be removed to effectively cool the system. GMS offers several solutions to remove heat from the system.  For most applications, such as vehicle or airborne applications, the system is mounted directly to a thermally conductive, usually metal, bulkhead for conduction cooling. In these applications, the mechanical structure of the vehicle acts as the cold plate/heat sink, so there is no need for additional cooling. For applications where there is no method for mounting the system to a thermally conductive structure, such as in helicopters and other DZUS® mount applications, GMS offers several radiator solutions to provide cooling. These radiators may be forced-air cooled, where the forced air can be supplied by air-pressure/vacuum or by using military-grade fans. GMS also offers water-based radiators for extremely harsh environments where airflow is not an option. For additional information, talk to your local GMS representative about solutions to meet your exact needs.