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Baseboard Management Controller

General Micro Systems’ Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) is a set of specialized service hardware (processor, memory, Ethernet, etc.) that implements the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) on GMS products. With the BMC, it is possible to control the physical state of a computing resource, a server for example, and to monitor critical system components from remote locations.

Applicable GMS Products:

  • S1U401-MD 1U rack mount server
  • S1U401-SHS 1U secure high-speed storage server
  • S2U 2U rack mount server
  • Si701-SX, S1204-SX low-cost Core i7 workstation servers
  • S1202-XVE 3-head workstation server with GPGPU

The GMS BMC provides out-of-band, lights-out manageability for BIOS-level system access and control, even when the OS is unavailable or the system is powered down. It can monitor and control the physical state of a system, interface with various sensors, and communicate with system administrators via a dedicated Ethernet connection.

The GMS BMC allows system administrators to remotely control a server system, to monitor system resources, and to perform other critical functions such as:

- Viewing of sensor information and associated thresholds for individual health parameters such as voltages, temperatures, fans, as well as monitoring of chassis subsystems

- Remotely launching diagnostic and recovery services

The GMS BMC utilizes the MegaRAC SP-X software toolset which conforms to the IPMI 2.0 standard developed by Intel®, HP®, NEC® and Dell®. The main BMC dashboard is shown in the figure below.

GMS BMC Main Dashboard (Shown for: GMS S2U Dual Socket Xeon® Server
GMS BMC Main Dashboard (Shown for: GMS S2U Dual Socket Xeon® Server)


IPMI 2.0 based management

  • BMC stack with a full IPMI 2.0 implementation
  • Hardware health monitor
  • Customizable sensor management policies
  • Remote power control
  • Serial over LAN (SOL) communication

Keyboard, Video & Mouse (KVM) console redirection

  • Console Redirection
  • Simultaneous floppy and CD/ DVD redirection
  • Support for USB key

LAN support

  • DHCP client with SNMP support
  • LDAP support
  • SSL security
  • Event Log and Alerting
    • Read Log events
    • Full SMTP support
    • Sensor readings
    • Email alerts
  • Sophisticated User Management
    • IPMI-based user management
    • Multiple user permission levels
    • Multiple user profiles


  • Supports WSMAN and WS-CIM
  • Complete WSMAN support - Discovery, Enumeration, Get, Put, Subscribe and Eventing
  • Rich client library support for C, JavaTM, and JavaScript®

Web interface support

  • Web browser support
  • Multiple language support for multiple clients simultaneously
  • Full Unicode support
  • Integrated web server support
  • HTTP and HTTPS support

Web-based configuration

  • Configuration using web UI
  • Fail-safe firmware upgrade capability