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Routers and Switches

General Micro Systems’ rugged routers and switches offer the most cost effective, and ultra-high-density network products on the market. GMS’ routers/switches are available in several different types of packaging for a variety of applications and industries.  They can be fully integrated within a GMS small form factor computer system, may operate as stand-alone, or can be packaged for rack mount solutions  Fully sealed and conduction cooled, these products employ MIL-style connectors to provide a rugged router/switch solution that can be deployed in the harshest environments.

GMS’ routers/switches provide both hardware and software solutions by utilizing the latest technologies and are fully customizable by the user to provide the highest functionality, as well as increased security through intelligent frame processing.

Other unique advantages of GMS rugged router/switches are the power options. Although these products may operate from standard 110VAC, they may also operate from “dirty” vehicle power of 28VDC via an integrated MIL-STD-1275 power supply. This MIL-STD-1275 power allows the GMS’ rack mount servers to operate in vehicles without the use of power inverters, which degrade power efficiency and add significant weight to the overall system.

Designed to meet the highest MIL standards, GMS routers/switches are ideal for environments where dirt, dust, chemicals, extreme temperature, shock, vibration and other harsh elements prevent the use of commercial routers and switches, as well as in environmental conditions where space and weight are major considerations.


1U Rugged Rack Mount "Flash Server" with Hardware Encrypted RAID, Dual Removable NAS Cartridges, 12x/24x 1 Gigabit Ethernet, and 10G/40G Ethernet Ports


Rugged, Fully Sealed, 4-Port Router and 12-Port Managed Switch with PoE and Cisco ESR


Rugged, Fully Sealed, 14-Port Enterprise Managed Switch with PoE



1U Rugged Rack Mount Server with Two Fully Isolated Domains, each with Intel® Xeon® D, Multi-Port Intelligent Switch and Removable Drives



1U Rugged Rack Mount Server with Two Fully Isolated Domains, each with Intel® Xeon® E5, 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet and Quad Removable Drives


Rugged, Fully Sealed, Intel® Xeon® E5 CPU Server with Removable Drive(s) and Switch


Rugged, Fully Sealed, Low-Cost, 26-Port Enterprise Level Ethernet Switch


Rugged, Fully Sealed Server with 14-Port Intelligent Switch



Rugged, Small, 12-Port Intelligent Router System with Removable Drive(s)