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Mobile Computing Mounts in Popularity for Military Field Use

Near-peer threat to mobile battlefield computing relies heavily on SWaP-C and small form factors

Originally Published in the July issue of MILITARY EMBEDDED SYSTEMS

Military Embedded Systems
Rugged mobile computing is getting a major boost as the Department of Defense (DoD) pushes the defense industry to ruggedize commercial technologies for military use.

Increasingly these days, the biggest challenges associated with rugged mobile computing is to deliver the smallest processing, lowest power, most number of consolidated systems in the smallest package,” said GMS CTO Chris Ciufo, in this recent Military Embedded Systems article on the growing popularity of mobile computing for military field use.

Read more about Ciufo’s thoughts on rugged mobile computing and the new near-peer threat we’re seeing on the battlefield here.

July 30, 2018

 Mariana Iriarte, Technology Editor, Military Embedded Systems

Mariana Iriarte
Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems