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Homeland Security / Law Enforcement

SBInet Secure Border Initiative

For the last two decades, General Micro Systems has been actively involved in assisting with border patrol and homeland security efforts. GMS’ contributions to the Secure Border Intelligence Network (SBInet) and border patrol both in vehicle and airborne solutions are keystones of GMS’ support. The success of these programs is reliant on extreme rugged computers that can be mounted outdoors in harsh sun and other elements and are solar power configurable.  For this reason, General Micro Systems is often selected to contribute to these types of programs as our rugged systems can withstand the severe conditions of border patrol environments.  Our vehicle mounted rugged smart displays can operate under extreme shock and vibration and are bright daylight viewable, which makes them also key choices for homeland security programs.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Over the last five years, the law enforcement industry’s interest in rugged mobile computing platforms has increased significantly.  Law enforcement applications require low heat producing hardware that can be mounted inside ambulances, as well as in police and fire vehicles where they are able to withstand high levels of shock and vibration while still meeting the industry’s aggressive price point marks.  Local police and fire rescue organizations have selected General Micro Systems’ Digital Video Recording (DVR) and Video Capture systems with vision software, allowing these agencies to quickly identify problems and easily communicate with base teams for solutions. Our intention moving forward is to expand the scope of GMS products used by local, state, and national law enforcement through surveillance, high speed data recorders and video processing, advanced security solutions, and high performance RuggedView™ Smart Displays.