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Series Classification

GREEN SERIES SYSTEMS are designed with ultra-low-power consuming CPUs and supporting devices to meet total system power usage of 15 watts or less, and are placed in extremely lightweight packaging to keep system weight as low as 2 lb. or less. GREEN systems support the Intel® Atom™ processor for the best performance to power ratio of any other CPU, up to 4 Gbytes of RAM, and basic system I/O with limited expansion for custom I/O functions. These systems support a single video monitor with optional LVDS/ touch screen or can be headless for embedded applications. They are ideal for UAV and hand-held applications, where weight and heat are the primary considerations.

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BLUE SERIES SYSTEMS are designed to meet more demanding applications where multi-core processors with up to 16 Gbytes of RAM, vast standard and custom I/O are required. BLUE systems are designed for maximum power dissipation of 75 watts or less and weigh up to 7 lbs. maximum. These systems support multi-head video monitors with LVDS/ touch screen or they can be headless. They offer standard I/O interfaces such as PMC/XMC, MiniPCI and Express Mini, as well as custom I/O via Special Application Modules (SAM™) for highest efficiency I/O. BLUE systems are ideal for long-term defense programs requiring long roadmaps for technology upgrades, with limited cooling and moderate-to-high CPU needs and limited 2D/3D video acceleration needs. These systems represent 16 years of background foundation in the industry and roadmaps to 2022.

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ORANGE SERIES SYSTEMS represent a brand new concept in system engineering, which GMS is pioneering. These systems are designed with Server Class chipsets for up to 128 Gbytes of ultra-high-performance memory, as well as Quad/Hex Core Server Class processors. ORANGE systems provide the maximum thermal envelope of 175 watts with I/O interfaces such as PMC/XMC, MiniPCI and Express Mini, as well as custom I/O via SAM™, and SamVideo™ for ultra-high-performance graphics. ORANGE systems are ideal for Headless Network servers or Virtual Machine systems hosting six to eight independent images of different operating systems, each with a specific mission. Each “image” may have its own bootable drive or share one drive array, RAID or NAS. This new Virtual Machine Server concept, for which the ORANGE series is targeted, can save a significant amount of power/heat, weight, complexity and cost in installation, daily operation and in technology upgrades, without changing the software image!

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Environmental Specifications

GMS products have the most impressive environmental specifications on the market. Our products have been built and tested to meet and exceed all military and aerospace regulations.

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Our Mission

Since its inception in 1979, General Micro Systems, Inc. (GMS) has been true to its mission statement: To Become the World’s Leading Technology Independent Supplier of Computing Engines, while Providing the Best Price/Performance, Quality and Customer Support, Demanded by Our Current and Our Future Customers.

All GMS products are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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